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RWN was founded on the principals of hard work, dedication and experience.

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All of our employees are safety trained and certified. RWN Pump and Fabrication offers a 5 year structural guarantee on the
package in addition to the manufacturer standard warranty. With our experienced and highly qualified team we can engineer your product from start to finish.

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Robert Naron
CEO & Founder
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  • Founded by Robert Naron in 2006 and has grown to 70+ employees
  • Located on 15 acres near Springtown, TX just outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex
  • Current facility includes 53,000 square feet under one roof for fabrication, assembly, repair, paint, warehouse, and office space after completion of 24,000 square foot expansion in 2018.
  • American Welding Society (AWS) certified welders working in parallel at many stations using Arc, MIG, and TIG methods. We weld mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum able to pass load and magnetic particle inspection testing if
  • National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) member since 2011 Mechanical troubleshooting, teardown, inspection, and repair of diesel engines and centrifugal pumps.
  • 5 fork lifts and telehandlers with up to six ton capacity and two overhead cranes up to 10 ton capacity in new building to handle a variety of projects.
  • CNC plasma cutting, forming, and rolling steel up to 3” thick.
  • Sand blasting, priming, and painting to fit the customers specifications.
  • Diesel and electric driven centrifugal pump packages with controls up to 750+ hp for multiple applications.
  • Filter pot trailers, skid packages, and multiple size configurations.
  • Manifolds with road crossings in many forms built to customers specified dimensions.
  • Hose reel systems for up to 16” lay flat discharge hose in several arrangements
  • Refurbished and repaired packages up to complete teardown and repower as needed.
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[manufactory_empty_space height=”38″ height_tablet=”30″ height_mobile=”30″][manufactory_icon_box icon_type=”flaticon” icon_style=”has-background-color” link=”url:%23|title:Clean%20Unpolluted|target:%20_blank|” title=”High quality and competitive pricing” icon_flaticon=”flaticon-engineer”]We quality test all pump packages and certify that the package will be ready upon delivery.[/manufactory_icon_box][manufactory_empty_space height=”38″ height_tablet=”30″ height_mobile=”30″][manufactory_icon_box icon_type=”flaticon” icon_style=”has-background-color” link=”url:%23|title:Lasting%20%26%20Long%20Term|target:%20_blank|” title=”Our manufacturing process” icon_flaticon=”flaticon-music”]We fabricate and manufacturer all types of custom fabricated products at our Springtown TX facility.[/manufactory_icon_box][manufactory_empty_space height=”38″ height_tablet=”30″ height_mobile=”30″][manufactory_icon_box icon_type=”flaticon” icon_style=”has-background-color” link=”url:%23|title:Easy%20and%20Affortable|target:%20_blank|” title=”We are a Texas based manufacturer” icon_flaticon=”flaticon-arrow”]All of our products are manufactured and assembled at our Springtown Texas facility. With our centralized location it benefits our customers on service and low freight costs.[/manufactory_icon_box][manufactory_empty_space height=”80″ height_tablet=”50″ height_mobile=”50″]